Porcini Salt

If you’ve ever searched for porcini salt then you’ve probably been horrified by the price but this nifty little flavour packed ingredient is easy to make yourself.

I don’t use the most expensive ingredients. You can if you want. Most supermarkets sell cheaper or more expensive dried porcini, and you can obviously find better and worse salts these days. Go with your budget.

For this you can use a coffee grinder, a bullet-like device or, if you’re a glutton for punishment and have a day to spare, you could use a mortar and pestle.

I use this in omelettes, eggs muffins, sprinkle it on steak, on roasts, and with fried vegetables.

Roasted Garlic Butter

A lot of recipes for garlic butter will tell you to roast the garlic first, but who has time to heat the oven up just to roast some garlic?! This recipe is far simpler… throw the garlic in when you’re already some roasting meat.  Not only will the gravy you make from the meat juices be nicely touched with garlic, but the resulting butter has glorious meat juices in it giving extra depth of flavour.

This butter is perfect for adding to simply cooked veggies, over a steak, or making a morning omelette into something truly special.